Friday, 20 July 2012

My Must Have Brushes

So these are my MUST HAVE make up brushes, the brushes I use every single day and probably couldn't live without.

So working from left to right, first off is Crown Brush's BK31 Mini Flat Bronzer. I used this for a long time as a bronzer brush, and it is amazing for contouring and buffing colour in, but I've recently started using it to apply my foundation, and I absolutely LOVE it. You can properly buff in your foundation and get a flaw free finish. I am going to look for a synthetic flat topped brush to replace this though, as synthetic bristles are better to use with cream products as they are much easier to clean and don't soak up the product like natural bristles do.

Next up is another Crown Brush- IB126 Chisel Powder/Blush. I use this for powder, blush, bronzer and squished flat for contouring. The bristles are amazingly soft and pick up plenty of product and distribute it nice and evenly. I'm totally in love with their badger brushes I must admit, I've never felt softer bristles!

Now for my eyeshadows I couldn't do without a good fluffy blending brush, my choice being the BK38 Deluxe Crease from (surprise surprise!) Crown Brush. I LOVE this thing. It is perfect for blending and since I have quite high brows, so lots of eyelid space it is the perfect size for doing big washes of colour and blending all those harsh edges. This is a definite must have for anyone's make up bag.

So, everyone needs an angle brush, EVERYONE. I don't know where I got this one from but I go through a lot of these things so that they're always nice and precise. I use these for my brows and for eyeliner, they're awesome for creating precise lines, detail in your brows and lovely winged eyeliner.

Next is a lip liner brush. I use this for concealing tiny imperfections, spots etc, I feel like i can be super precise with this after I've applied my concealer with my finger, just going over any little bits that need that extra bit of coverage.

And finally I use a basic foam tipped applicator. I use this for packing on eyeshadow before blending it out, it can deposit much more colour than a brush can and it can be placed exactly where I want it before blending.

So there you go, every brush I use on a daily basis, I have many more for other uses but these are my faves, and I really can't speak more highly of Crown Brush, incredibly high quality brushes for non extortionate prices! Love them <3


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