Monday, 17 September 2012


I love eyebrows. Like, really LOVE them. My ultimate eyebrow crush is Megan Fox, she has dark, thick but very well groomed brows (though she does fill them in) and they frame her face perfectly! Unfortunately, I've been "blessed" with super thin, sparse, pale eyebrows which are just not fun at all, especially when I colour my hair as dark as I do, so make up comes to my rescue! I get a lot of questions regarding my brows so thought I'd give a little tutorial on how I do them, though this probably won't be applicable to those of you with lovely thick eyebrows!

To begin with, here's one naked eyebrow and one finished-

See how different they are normally?! Anyway, mine don't need plucking very often, but if yours do, make sure you pluck from underneath the brow trying to keep the natural arch, and don't overpluck!! I've seen lots of good brows come from threading too so that's another option, usually only around £5 at the places I've seen!

Ok now, before we get started, here's a guide of how the basic shape of your eyebrow should be-

If you take a pencil or eyeshadow brush etc, and place it straight up next to your nostril, that's where your brow should begin. Then, keeping the brush next to your nostril, move it so it passes over your pupil when looking straight forward, and where it then meets your brow on your browbone is where the highest point of your arch should be. Then move the brush so that it goes from your nostril to the outer corner of your eye and where this meets your brow (or doesn't in my case!) is where your brow should end.

So, what is definitely necessary for filling in your eyebrows is a good thin angle brush, I get a new one every couple of months so it stays nice and precise. And then, if like me you have a lot to fill in and shape, you need a brow kit, I use Sleek's Brow Kit in Dark, but if you only need to fill yours in a little or want a more natural look then use a matte eyeshadow in a colour that matches your hair, or very slightly darker.

So to begin with I've put all my primer, foundation and powder on. (usually I do my brows before my eye makeup but not for this tutorial ;) ) Then using the tiniest amount of the cream/gel part of the brow kit, I begin to shape my brows. Using small strokes going outwards and slightly upwards I work from the inside point up to the arch, leaving the beginning part until the end. Then I go along the top edge with little downwards strokes.


Once I've done that, I do a few strokes down from the arch, thinning off at the end.

Once that is done, I go to the "start" of my brow and do a few very thin upwards strokes to finish the shape. Most of the time I do a slightly squared of shape like this but when I want a more natural look I'll use a much lighter touch and round them off a bit more.

At this point, if I'm happy with the shape and have no wonky bits I'll proceed to the next step, but if there are any little parts I want to tidy up I use a very thin lip brush with a bit of concealer, and just smooth out any mistakes, carefully using face powder on top if needed.

Once I'm completely happy, I then wipe off my brush and use the powder part of the brow kit, this sets the cream and should help your brows to stay put all day! I just brush the powder on over what I've done, being careful not to mess anything up.

Now, my little extra step that I think adds a bit more depth to my brows, is that I use a matte black eyeshadow just along the bottom edge of my brow and pulled up into it, this gives a little bit more definition and depth to them.

So there we have it! Obviously I pretty much paint mine on, but if you don't need to, just use an angle brush and powder and follow the same basic principles as above.



  1. absolutely gorgeous brows! I have major brow envy! xo

    1. Thank you! It's taken a long while to get them to this stage, but practice makes perfect, so I'll keep practising hehe :) xx

  2. THank you!! I was wondering how to draw such brows. Which gel product do you use for your brows?

    1. Hi! I use Sleek's Brow Kit in Dark, you can get it in Superdrug in the UK or from their website here - xx

  3. Gorgwous brows..Their perfect without being OTT..Foun and following you through the blog hop..xx

    Yewizzy @ She Loves The Finer Things

    1. I mean *Gorgeous, *they're and *Found ..can't spell..haha!

    2. Hehe thank you so much! Really appreciate the comment and the follow! xxx

  4. You need to do more of these tutorials my lovely xx p