Saturday, 16 April 2016


Light creates endless reflections through the waters, shells and corals mirror each other in an ever-moving underwater play. That’s the world of Sister of Pearl, the new collection inspired by sea creatures. The six all-over mineral eyeshadows pack iridescent hues, flowing transparencies and shadows from the depths of the sea, while the double lipsticks seduce with their precious shades.

Get enchanted by the color-shifting duochrome hues of Nautilus, Seahorse, Oyster, Jellyfish, Coral Reef, Submarine, Treasure and Mermaid! All the items from Sisters of Pearl collection are on launch sale at -20% until 26th April 2016.

This whole collection is so beautiful! The products, the colours, the imagery, everything! Six stunning Mineral Pigments, beautiful colour pay off with subtle duo chrome colourings to them all, and two Duebaci pencils, one end a creamy intense colour lipstick and the other a liner. My favourites of the collection are the Nautilus pigment, a beautiful deep lilac duochrome with light green shimmer, and the Duebaci Treasure which is a gorgeous sand nude colour. Expect to see a look with these products very soon!!

Neve Cosmetics is available from or within the UK, the prices are extremely reasonable especially for the quality of the products, and all products are free from silicones, petroleum and parabens, and all products are vegeterian and most vegan, totally cruelty free!


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