Friday, 18 January 2013

Brushes: Real Techniques

I've always been a massive fan of Crownbrush's products, they have an awesome choice of brushes (and palettes!) with great quality and great prices, but, for Christmas I received the Real Techniques Core Collection set, and I have to say I am in LOVE with these brushes. Well, two of them, the Buffing brush and the Contour brush.

These brushes have incredibly soft bristles, with no shedding thus far and a lovely textured handle.

The buffing brush is now my 'Holy Grail' foundation brush. I have gone through so many foundation brushes and have never been perfectly happy with any of them, they either leave streaks, lose bristles, are too small, too hard, soak up too much product etc etc, ugh I just hated foundation brushes for a long time! But this is perfect, you can buff your foundation in in no time, no streaks or foundation-sucking powers, the bristles stay soft and non clumpy between washes and it's the perfect size to do your whole face in no time at all. LOVE IT.

I find the contour brush perfect to carve out my cheekbones, contour my nose and temples etc. The size is nice and small with an oval shape, so you can be precise with your contouring, and it's dense enough to lightly buff out any harsh lines as well. The bristles have all the great attributes I said above and yeah it's just awesome.

I haven't really used the other two brushes in the set much, not to say that they aren't great but I have other brushes I use more than these. The case they come in I'm sorry to say I really didn't like. The black part of the brush handles have a rubbery texture, because of this it's quite hard to just slip the brushes back in and so the whole 'using it as a brush stand' thing that it's supposed to be, sort of doesn't quite work for me but it was a good idea I suppose, plus I either keep my brushes in my makeup bag or my brush belt (which I got a brand new Inglot one for xmas, thanks bro!) so it was a slightly unneccesary part of kit for me.

Sooooo if you've been on the same horrible search as me for a foundation brush or small contouring brush I highly recommend these brushes, and best of all you can get them from Boots for £21.99, Boots points ahoy! Or if you're not near a Boots, you can buy them internationally here.

*Edited to say that these are completely synthetic brushes so totally cruelty free!!



  1. Great post!
    The foundation brush looks really good! I have a mac one and it's kinda streaky which sucks.
    Would you ever do a tutorial on contouring and basic face makeup?

    1. If I get enough time one day I might do one, just for you :) xxx

    2. yey!!!! That would be so good ^_^
      thank you lots x x