Thursday, 13 June 2013

Illamasqua: Bridal and Beyond

This week I attended the Bridal and Beyond course at Illamasqua School of Make Up at their flagship store on Beak St, London. It was FANTASTIC. I learnt about recognising eye shapes, looking after your bride, wedding kit prep, creating a themed look, colour correcting, oh there was just so much! The first day we had a morning of theory, and then in the afternoon we watched our trainer Ben Edlin create a neutral round cut crease smokey eye on one of the girls, Rachael, and then we paired up and re-created the look on each other (stupidly I didn't take a picture of my work!)


Day two was all about asian bridal makeup, firstly Ben did a demo of a bright asian inspired look on me!

We then got to design our own look from a few different themes, in our Illamasqua face chart books-

I decided to do a purple and gold Asian bridal look on Shobana-

 I had such an amazing time, I felt so creative and inspired, it was a great atmosphere to be in with everyone ready to learn, and everyone at the Beak St store was so friendly and knowledgeable. LOVED it. Now I just need to get a job there ;) 

So I came away with my lil certificate and a bag full of goodies (and a couple of things from the MAC Pro store round the corner ;) ) and a fire in my belly to get things moving :) 



  1. Hi Lynsey

    I've studied fashion and photographic make up at night school and we covered bridal on that for a week or two. Do you still think I could learn a lot from this course? I've been considering it for a while.

    Andrea x

  2. woooooooooooow both your eye and the one that you created look AMAZING!!!! like WOW! I'm so glad that you had a good time hun, it looks like an incredible experience.
    Get moving beautiful, the industry is waiting for you!!!!